Liminality has entered our lives in the most abrupt and unexpected ways. What we used to think as limitless in terms of movements, possibilities, borders, and thoughts, are now being reassessed and redefined through the spectrum of safety, self-isolation, separation and guilt. To potentially save others, the individual has to leave its routine and disappear into confinement or be on the front line to sustain fundamental needs. But no one wants to disappear, and that’s where the liminal space emerges. Virtual conferences, seminars, how-to live events, and digital friend gatherings burst out and blur the limit between private and public. If we disappeared from the public space, our living rooms will now be the center of the city. And who cares if the internet crashes, we’ll go sing on our balcony with that neighbor we never saluted until now. New realities, new rules.


Art cannot escape this truth. Museums and institutions are closed and deemed non-essential. Art fairs, biennials, and festivals vanish into thin air and are pushed back to an unknown date. On the other hand, Artists continue to create and they now have to rethink their context of presentation, the way they produce, or what they produce. The limits of yesterday are no more and it is now time to uncover what we can do within the bounds of this new world. Meanings are emerging from seeing anew the ordinary, which in the end gives us a guideline for the time to come.  So let’s put this liminal space at the center of all this, and let’s avoid the old world. 

The Liminal Pavilion wants to put forward these grey areas; it could be physical or mental but we have to address these changes. We will also take this contemporaneity as a material for exhibiting works of art and push beyond the monolithic white cube idea. We are getting rid of any dichotomic vision; good vs bad, high art vs low art, idea vs materiality, technology vs nature, individual vs societal. All of these are obsolete and we understand that, in fact, each element is complementary to, and intertwined with, the other. So let’s go beyond and think about bad materiality, high nature, or low technological societies. 


Liminality awaits.  




IRL Exhibition from 2nd and 3rd of November at Sunday Studios - An Excess of White

Address: 405 Rue Dickson, Montréal, QC H1N 2H6

Virtual Exhibition until 24th of November.


For the online events, visit our Facebook page.